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Developed by the EDB, the STAR platform provides quality online assessment materials covering Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 3. Teachers can make use of the STAR platform, which hosts more than 57 000 assessment items, to create assessment tasks for individual students or classes, instantly obtain the performance of participating students, as well as providing students with timely and quality feedback to enhance learning and plan for follow-up action by making reference to the EDB Web-based Learning and Teaching Support (WLTS) platform. The assessment items are set according to the Basic Competencies (BC) of each Key Stage of learning, and the platform supports tablets, notebooks and desktop computers.

Enhanced Preset Assessment Tasks

Since February 2020 at when the COVID-19 pandemic has started, the Preset Assessment Tasks of Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics for Key Stages 1 – 3 have been uploaded onto the STAR platform regularly. To broaden the diversity of learning and assessment resources, while the Preset Assessment Tasks of Chinese Language and English Language will further cover writing, listening and speaking aspects, updated online interactive games covering Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics will also be uploaded to the WLTS platform on a regular basis from September 2020 and onwards. Teachers can directly use the Preset Assessment Items / Tasks when planning school-based curriculum, or modify them on need basis and assign them to students via the STAR platform, or encourage students to undergo learning in school or/and at home.

What's new

  • Student Assessment Repository (STAR) Enhanced Preset Assessment Tasks on 'Basic Competency' (Tasks on Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking for the language subjects) – September 2020
    15, 12 and 9 Preset Assessment Tasks of Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics were added respectively to the platform for teachers’ reference and use. Please CLICK HERE for more details of the tasks or refer to the video guide of Use the 'Preset Papers'.
  • Latest Arrangements for 'Gainful Use of TSA 2020 Materials' Online Version (Updates on 1 September 2020)
    In light of the EDB's latest announcement on Arrangements of Resumption of Face-to-Face Classes in Phases for All Schools, and to provide further flexibility for schools participating in 'Gainful Use of TSA 2020 Materials' Online Version, starting from 3 September through 14 October, schools may arrange students to use the assessment papers in the morning or afternoon without the need to reserve assessment time slot(s) online.  Schools may also reserve time slot(s) before using the assessment papers as originally planned, enabling the HKEdCity to provide timely support. Please CLICK HERE for details.
  • Latest Updates on the Arrangements for "Gainful Use of TSA 2020 Materials" (Updates on 13 July 2020)
    Pursuant to EDB's announcement on 10 July regarding the early commencement of summer holiday for all secondary and primary schools as well as kindergartens in Hong Kong based on schools' practical needs, please CLICK HERE for the Latest Updates on the Arrangements for "Gainful Use of TSA 2020 Materials".
  • During the class suspension period due to the epidemic, 249 Chinese, 156 English and 154 Mathematics preset assessment papers were added for teachers' reference and use. For details, please refer to the video guide of Use the 'Preset Papers'.

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  • EDB released the revised Mathematics Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide (Primary 1 – Secondary 6) and the revised KS1 Mathematics curriculum in 2017. The relevant sets of Basic Competency descriptors have been updated. In response to the above revision, starting from 11 November 2019, teachers can select either Basic Competency (2017) or Basic Competency (2000) as the question coverage when adding new papers.

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