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The STAR platform aims at providing schools with an additional assessment tool to support learning and teaching. It is a web-based online assessment platform with assessment item bank, computerised marking and reports on student performance.

System Requirements

The following are required for using the STAR platform:
1. A MAC OS or Windows PC, iOS or Android Tablet (Traditional Chinese or English version);
2. A popular web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer (IE 11);
3. WiFi or LAN Internet connection;
4. A HKEdCity teacher or student account.


User Accounts and Functions

Schools and users, including teachers and students, need to be members of the Hong Kong Education City (HKEdCity) to use the STAR platform. Most schools are already members of HKEdCity and as the membership will be updated at the start of each school year, schools can continue to use the existing HKEdCity accounts for the STAR platform in which no additional accounts need to be created. If the school has not yet been a HKEdCity’s school member or hasn’t updated its user accounts, please join us or visit our 'School Accounts Administration' webpage.

There are two types of users available for the STAR platform:
1. Teacher
A teacher can create, edit, save and distribute an assessment for individual students, classes or groups and receive performance reports after students completed the assessment.

A. Assessment creation
    i. Create an assessment by searching items from the assessment item pool based on:
       a. Key stage (KS);
       b. Basic Competency (BC);
       c. Task Title or Task Code;
       d. Number of items or Recommended Time for Completion.
   ii. Or use the ‘Preset Papers’ and edit the assessment details.
   iii. Assessment created can be previewed, saved and modified.
   iv. Assessment tasks or items can be bookmarked for later use.

B. Assessment distribution
   i. Assessment can be distributed to individual students, classes or groups.
   ii. The start and end date or the time for students to complete the assessment can be set.
   iii. Teacher can check the submission status and the submitted results of the assessment at any time.

C. Reports
Reports are available for teachers after students completed the assessment. Teachers can choose to view the report for all participants, a specific class, an individual student or an assessment question. For each item answered incorrectly, the report will show the possible reasons leading to that wrong answer. The reports can be exported into an Excel file for further processing by schools.

D. Documents for downloading
Writing & Speaking assessment for English and Chinese cannot be done online. Teachers can download the Writing and Speaking papers needed for reference or for conducting assessment on paper.

2. Student
Student can take the assessments prepared by one’s teacher during the assessment period.

A student report will be available showing one’s performance in each item and the overall performance after the end of the assessment period. For each item answered incorrectly, the report will show the possible reason leading to that wrong answer.


Useful References

1. Education Bureau (EDB)
   ● Basic Competencies Assessment (BCA): cd1.edb.hkedcity.net/cd/eap_web/bca/index3.htm
   ● Web-based Learning and Teaching Support (WLTS): wlts.edb.hkedcity.net

2. Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA)
   ● Student Assessment: www.bca.hkeaa.edu.hk