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Account Setup

1.  How can I create an account to log into the STAR platform?
You can use your HKEdCity teacher account affiliated to your school or student account to log into the STAR platform.
Schools can update accounts with their administrator account (xxx-admin). Please ensure the account information is correct. Please visit our School Accounts Administration webpage to update the student information. If you have any questions concerning the update of student’ accounts, please feel free to contact us on support@hkedcity.net or 2624 1000 for technical support.

2.  Can cross-boundary students use the STAR platform in the mainland?
HKEdCity websites support global network, cross-boundary students are advised to check if the STAR platform is accessible within their region in advance.


Assessment Setting

1.  How are the items on the STAR platform sorted?
In creating new assessment, the items in the assessment item pool are sorted according to the following criteria:

  • Choose Key Stage (KS) and Basic Competency (BC), and then specify Number of Items or Recommended Time for Completion. There are some optional criteria, including Language and Level of Difficulties, for some subjects or Basic Competency (BC);
  • Task Title or Task Code.

2.  Are the items classified according to level of difficulty: high, medium and low?
At present, teachers can select English and Mathematics items according to the difficulty level.

3.  Can teachers create questions on their own?
The questions and answers on the platform are designed and provided by EDB and HKEAA. Teachers cannot create questions in this stage.

4.  Does this service charge?
The service is provided for local primary and secondary schools for free.

5.  Can the data from the SA platform, obsoleted on 1 Jan 2017, be migrated to the STAR platform automatically?
The design and system of the two platforms are different. The data from the SA system cannot be automatically synchronised to the STAR platform.

6.  When can students see the report and correct answers?
Teachers can set students to view results and reports either right after they submit the paper or after the predefined end time of the paper. If teachers allow multiple attempts at the paper, student results should not be compared. 

7.  When can students submit the paper?
If teachers select the setting of "students must answer all questions", students should finish all tasks or questions to submit the paper.

8.  Does the platform provide offline mode?
STAR is an online platform and can only be used with internet connection.


Sharing paper and report

1.  Can teachers share papers and reports with others?
Yes, teachers can share the papers or reports among teaching colleagues of the school by selection along the pull down menu or by entering teachers’ HKEdCity login ID.

2.  Will the changes made by teachers in the shared papers alter the setting of the original paper?
The shared copies are independent, and can be edited individually. Any subsequent changes in the copies will not be propagated to the original one and neither will the subsequent changes in the original propagated to the shared copies.

3.  What are the differences between "share paper" and "share report"?
Teachers can only share report among teaching colleagues of the same school. Recipients of the shared report can check students' submission status and performance, as well as any updates on the report. "Share paper" means sharing of tasks or questions with any teachers.


Assigning Papers and Distributing Reports

1.  How will students know they have new assignment from teachers?
Teachers might use the learning management system of the school to notify students.

2.  Is the system verified to support whole class to do the test at the same time for test purpose?
STAR platform developed to support the needs for all schools in HK. So this scenario shall have no problem.

3.  Can teachers download the reports?
Yes, teaches can download the evaluation reports for further analysis.

4.  Can teachers print out the questions or assessment items?
The questions are created with multi-media and interactive elements, which are not for printing use.


Supporting Resources

1.  Are there any training courses provided for teachers?
Teachers can refer to the video demo at User Guide to get familiar with the operational skills required for the STAR platform. Teachers can recommend students to refer to the video demos for taking the assessments.

2.  How do I get information about ‘Basic Competencies Assessment’ and ‘Web-based Learning and Teaching Support’?
Please visit following websites:
● ‘Basic Competencies Assessment’ by Education Bureau: http://cd1.edb.hkedcity.net/cd/eap_web/bca/index3.htm
● ‘Web-based Learning and Teaching Support’ by Education Bureau: wlts.edb.hkedcity.net
● ‘Student Assessment’ by Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority: www.bca.hkeaa.edu.hk