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System Update (1 Sep, 2018)

New functions of the STAR platform

1. Teacher: Share report 

Apart from sharing paper, teachers can share the assessment report among teaching colleagues of the same school. Teachers can check students' submission status and performance, which help them understand the learning needs of different classes more effectively and to reduce duplicate work. Steps as follows:

Share report 

  • Click to share paper and report
  • Select teachers of the same school as the recipients along the pull down menu or enter their HKEdCity login ID
    Picture: Share report

Receive report 

  • Teachers can choose to accept the shared paper or report under "Shared papers"
  • Shared paper or report will be shown under "My papers"
    Picture: Receive share

2. More paper setting 

  • Teacher can select all questions to be compulsory for students. With the enhanced user experience, students can check the completeness of each task / question in the paper with ease.

3. Student: Check progress for tasks/questions  

  • With the new progress menu for tasks / questions, students can check the completeness of paper with ease. Students can click "Unfinished tasks/ questions" to focus on unfinished tasks/ questions and can jump to specific task/ question.
    Picture: Progress menu
  • When students submit the paper, reminders on the unfinished tasks/ questions will be shown. Students can click the orange button to go back to specific task/ question to continue. If teacher selects all questions to be compulsory, system will remind students at this page they need to finish all questions in order to submit.
    Picture: Submission reminder

Please click here to view the video guides for the new functions

Updated on 1 Sep, 2018